2022 Merch Update #1 (October)

2022 Merch Update #1 (October)


Welcome to the first update of our 2022 RedOpz merch release.

Thanks to everyone that has placed an order so far. It helps us get production underway as quickly as possible.

Here's where we are with the products in this years merch release:


The t-shirts are currently being printed by a screen printer in Melbourne. We're expecting to hear they're ready to collect in about a week. The first t-shirt orders should be going out in early November.

We've ordered more than we need so any new orders could be sent off as quickly as we receive them. It's likely we'll do another print run by the end of the year.

Holy Demon is slightly more popular than Get The Dogs.

Desk Mats

The artwork is finalised and has been sent to the manufacturer for setup. Next, we'll hear back from the manufacturer when production starts. This is being made by the same supplier from 2020's desk mats. The quality and finish of those previous mats was excellent so we're more than happy using them again.

Desk mats will be the last items to ship due to their weight limiting us to using sea freight for their trip to us before we send them out. We'll go over how we're planning on handling this with orders below.

Shakers, Golf Towels, Caps

Orders have been placed with suppliers and these are in various stages of production. These will start coming in over the coming weeks, hoping that we can avoid any holiday delays. We'll share more details on each of these products when they're on the way to us.

Split Shipping

With some products taking months to be produced, we will be split-shipping some orders. We may send out emails to customers that may have their order split to confirm if they want to or are happy to wait. Split-shipping will mean we pay more for shipping than was in the order but in the big scheme of things, it's not much.

If there's any questions about products or changes to orders please reach out to any of the moderators in chat or on Discord.

We'll have the next update coming in mid-November.

Kissahomie from DeallocatedAlex

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